Polar Round Donation: Snow Leopard Trust

Note: See below for special giveaway information regarding this donation.

Organization's Mission: "Snow leopards live in vast home ranges - some cats have been known to use up to 1,000 square kilometers. While it is important to secure their key habitats through Protected Areas, it simply isn't enough. To protect these endangered cats, we need to work at a larger landscape level, and find ways for snow leopards to coexist with the people sharing their habitat. This is the focus of our conservation approach. Many of the families living in snow leopard habitat are herders who live on less than $2 per day and depend on their livestock for food and income. The snow leopard occasionally attacks and kills livestock, and members of these low-income communities sometimes resort to retaliation killings or poaching of snow leopards to protect their herds of livestock or earn extra money. Our community-based conservation programs aim to break this cycle of poverty and create incentives for herders to protect local wildlife and ecosystems."

Why it's important to us: While I have always been a staunch supporter of wildlife conservation programs, I am well aware that in many situations, poachers are left with very few options to feed their families. For this reason, I greatly respect the efforts of the Snow Leopard Trust in working with local communities to protect these animals while also helping to provide income. Additionally, I appreciate that they are offering opportunities to village women to earn income for their families via Snow Leopard Enterprises. 

Donation Info: Because items purchased from Snow Leopard Enterprises goes directly to conservation causes, I will be using the donation portion of sales to buy a few items such as these and will hold a giveaway. If you purchased any of the polar round prints on pre-order or pre-sale, you will automatically be entered!

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