Ocean Round Donation: Orca Network

Organization's Mission: Orca Network is involved with extensive public outreach and education regarding orcas and other wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. They are involved with many active projects including: a sightings network with information being disseminated to researchers and volunteers, running the Langley Whale Center, and, perhaps most importantly, fostering an environment in the public to bring about action to save the languishing population of Southern Resident Orcas. Although this population faces several threats, the greatest one is starvation. As opposed to their open ocean counterparts, Southern Resident orcas' diets consist almost entirely of Chinook salmon. These populations are at an all-time low, compounded by dams built in the Snake River. For more on how you can help these animals from home, you can visit Orca Network's Actions page

Why it's important to us: Like many young children, I was fascinated by whales and dolphins and grew up wanting to be a marine biologist. That dream didn't fade as I grew older as I pursued an education in Marine Science. Of particular interest to me were orcas (AKA killer whales) and especially the peaceful Southern Resident orcas of the Pacific Northwest. These fish-eating populations have been identified as a unique sub-species and are among the most researched animals in the world. However, they are under great duress and, at the time of this posting, their population is down to 74 individuals. It is uncertain whether they will make a recovery but, more than anything, I want my daughter to be able to see these magnificent creatures in the wild as I have had the great fortune to. 

Message from Orca Network: Thank you for wanting to support efforts to help the So. Resident orcas. We have several different programs that help the So. Residents - our Sighting Network helps gather sightings data for researchers and agencies to learn where the whales are traveling/feeding, and it also promotes shore-based whale watching and educated hundreds of thousands of people about the amazing Southern Resident orcas and their need for salmon to survive. We do education and outreach, youth programs, and more through community events and through our Langley Whale Center, which educates about all the whales of the Salish Sea with a focus on Southern Resident orcas. We also have a Marine mammal stranding network, and through our work with necropsies of dead stranded porpoise, we are investigating emerging diseases that also affect our So. Resident orcas. We do a lot of salmon educating as part of our efforts to teach about So. Residents, and are part of the Orca Salmon Alliance, a group of orca and salmon nonprofits working to raise awareness of the importance of salmon to our orcas. Save Our Wild Salmon is one of the salmon organizations we work with, doing good work on behalf of our salmon. Thanks again.

Amount Raised: TBD

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