Preview Round Donation: Ghana Sea Turtle Research and Conservation Program

Organization's Mission: University students are taken to Ghana each year to help build the local capacity for Ghanaians to protect and save their turtles through research, education and ecotourism. This approach has successfully eliminated poaching and harvesting, reduced fishery by-catch, increased awareness and attitude for protecting wildlife, and increased ecotourism in the area.  You can visit Dr. Allman's faculty page to learn more about past projects led by this group. Additionally, you can visit the African Sea Turtle Newsletter where Dr. Phil Allman is a frequent contributor. 

Why it's important to us: This program is based out of our alma mater, Florida Gulf Coast University. I spent nearly a decade here between my two environmental degrees as well as additional time spent working in different labs outside of my degrees. My husband, Juan, also received his M.S. degree at FGCU. By selecting a program run by the university, it is our small way of repaying the experiences and education we received there. The faculty and staff at FGCU have always been incredibly helpful and supportive of all my endeavors and I see that they continue to be so for countless other students. Now we get the chance to be supportive of them! More importantly, the work that Dr. Allman, Mr. Agyekumhene and their students have undertaken to protect sea turtles, while also working to educate local residents on the value of live animals, is incredibly important.

Amount Raised: $180

Message from Dr. Allman: The donation would be put toward education programs in a few communities beyond the reach of  our current project area that we learned are still poaching turtles. 

Ghana schoolchildren

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