Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of this company?
Wild Tushies aims to promote conservation efforts in various environmental endeavors via the sale of custom cloth diapers. We specialize in nature-themed cloth diapers. The prints for each month’s pre-orders will generally follow a nature/wildlife theme. To go along with this, an organization will be selected each month as the beneficiary of a $0.50/diaper donation.

What kind of products does Wild Tushies sell?
We currently sell cloth pocket diapers and covers, inserts, and custom crochet items. We are always looking to expand, so keep an eye out!

What does pre-order mean?
A pre-order means that the order has not yet been submitted to the manufacturer. Prices are discounted while on pre-order. We will release the available prints for sale and once the order closes (it will be open for approximately a month), the order is submitted with quantities to the manufacturer. Once submitted, the turnaround time can be up to 6 weeks. We will generally order extras of all prints and once these are in hand, they will be available on a first-come first-serve basis in the SHOP.

What does pre-sale mean?

When a print goes into pre-sale (also referred to as Fills), it means the order has been submitted to the manufacturer and we are awaiting the product. You can still place your order during this time to secure your desired prints. When a print reaches a certain cut-off point, it will be removed from the order form. 

Who manufactures your diapers?

Our diapers are made by MumsBest. 

Are inserts included with the diapers?
No. Because everyone has their own preference of what inserts to use, we sell diapers and inserts separately.

What kind of organizations do you donate to?
While we realize that larger organizations such as WWF and Greenpeace do great deeds, we would like to donate to smaller groups who may be in greater need of donations. As such, if you know of a local conservation organization, wildlife rehabilitation center, university group (professor or student led), cleanup group, etc, please fill out the Suggestions Form and we’ll be sure to consider it for a future round! In the future, we may select these via a poll so that our customers can have greater input on where their money is going to.

How do I order?
Please join our Facebook group for information on current pre-orders. All items in the shop on the website are ready to ship. 

***We encourage you to join our Facebook group to receive updates on the status of pre-orders***

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, but shipping costs will be adjusted according to destination. When placing an order, please make sure to put your country so that you may be invoiced accordingly.