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Me, my daughter (Sienna) and husband (Juan) in front of one of Washed Ashore's masterpieces created entirely from trash found on beaches.


With the incomparable Jane Goodall and my father, both huge influences in driving my conservation passion.

About Wild Tushies

Our mission is to provide high-quality affordable nature-themed cloth diapers and accessories while also pursuing a role in conservation. Most of our diapers will be photographic in nature, setting us apart from most other custom prints. Each month we will offer pre-orders of a different theme (e.g. Ocean, African Safari, Polar Expedition, Pets, Landscapes, etc.) and for each diaper sold that month, $0.50 will be donated to a conservation organization related to that theme for a total of approximately $500/month.

There are several reasons more and more people are choosing to cloth diaper their babies these days. With an average of about 3800 diapers being used from birth to potty-training, this can be a huge strain on both your wallet and the environment. While a larger investment up front, cloth diapering can offer a substantial savings, particularly if you will be using them for more than one child. Using cloth diapers also keeps those thousands of disposable diapers from landfills (as well as the stray ones that litter our forests, lakes and oceans). As an added bonus, they’re super cute and fashionable! We hope to be able to meet all of these standards for you while at the same time giving you (and your babies!) the opportunity to take your good deeds one step further by donating some of the money from your purchase.

You will find more details regarding our conservation efforts in our FAQ section and, if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask away!

About Me (Rheannon)


















For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a conservationist. I grew up in a small town in Costa Rica, surrounded by magnificent rainforest, lakes, volcanoes and abundant wildlife. I would wake to the howling of monkeys and doze off to the evening cacophony of parrots settling into the trees in our yard for the night. My passion always pointed towards the ocean and when it was time, I moved to Florida to study marine science. Through a series of events, I ended up going down the path of marine/aquatic chemistry rather than biology. I received my undergraduate degree in Marine Science while helping with estuarine oyster research and continued on at the same university for my Masters degree in Environmental Science researching the nutrient fluxes in mangrove ecosystems.

Now, many years later, I have held two government jobs working with environmental water chemistry/monitoring. While I do love what I do, I can't say it has ever been my true passion. I always dreamed of being a conservationist--being out with Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd, starting up my own rehab center, researching animals in the wild. When my daughter, Sienna, was born earlier this year, I realized I wanted the opportunity to stay with her, raise her and teach her while also pursuing my original passion in life: conservation. It was at that point that the idea of Wild Tushies came to me. It was a way where I could be at home for my daughter, supplement the household's income, AND help disperse funds to worthy projects around the globe. While I am not currently involved in any hands-on field research, I instead turn my focus to Wild Tushies where the donations from each and every diaper sale will help those already in the field. This is now my passion!